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Brand Development

Brand is the foundation of our work and the bedrock of every organization.

Your company was founded for a reason. To serve some higher purpose or to solve a challenging problem. You believe that there’s a place for you in your market – that you are needed. At Aggregate, we're here to help you uncover that "why," to harness it, and to make it meaningful to your customers, compelling to investors, and inspiring to your employees.

  • Logo & Identity Design

  • Custom Iconography

  • Branded Merchandise

  • Visual Identity Guidelines

Visual Identity Design
  • Positioning Audits

  • Messaging Workshops

  • Buyer Personas

  • Company/Brand Naming

  • Brand Messaging Guidelines

Positioning & Messaging


We help you uncover, define, and embody what makes you unique.

Our breadth of services is designed to meet our clients exactly where they are, which is often at a pivotal time in their business marked by a release of new offerings, a merger or acquisition event, or a strategic re-introduction of their company to the market after several years in operation. In moments like these, brands hold immense weight, influencing and informing every aspect of an organization, from the talking points that sales uses to the mission that employees rally behind. At Aggregate, we provide an end-to-end engagement, helping clients not only conceptualize their brands, but actualize them through engaging, dynamic creative outputs. We lead the entire process, and by constructing the brand under one roof, we ensure that context stays intact each step of the way, from strategic positioning to creative outputs like your website. 

  • Website Planning Workshops

  • User Interface (UI) Design

  • Responsive Development

  • Landing Pages & Microsites

Web Development
  • Campaign Conception

  • Brand Rollouts

  • Email Campaigns

  • Employee Activation

Brand Activation
Extensive Focus on Positioning

Brand is a reflection of positioning. Without positioning, there is nothing for a brand to lean on. We spend most of our time diving into the strategy behind your business, considering things like future acquisitions, and plans for expansion. Understanding where a company is going allows us to build brands that are malleable enough to endure strategic pivots or market shifts.

Radical Empathy for Decision Makers

Our proprietary workshops employ critical aspects of Design Thinking, using a work-backward approach that considers brand relevance through the lens of customer pain points first, then building messaging backward to address these challenges. Using tools like empathy maps, we push our clients to evaluate their own offerings through the lens of every key decision maker they're tasked with selling to, ensuring that our messaging resonates with what is most important to them.  

Targeted Stakeholder Engagement

To create a brand that represents a company wholly and speaks to a market effectively, we need the right voices at the table. The insights of the engineers, technicians, sales people, and financial employees often illuminate ideas we might not have found otherwise. Our 360 process assesses the brand and business from all angles to garner insights that may otherwise be left unsaid had involvement been limited to the marketing team and creatives.


Brand strategy reflects business strategy. 

We employ a business-forward approach aimed at uncovering your organization's fundamental reason for existing in the world today. Clarity on this foundational idea – as well as insight into the future vision for your organization – are what empower us to build resonant, timeless brands with the fortitude to endure several acquisitions, expansions, and even changes in leadership. No one wants to rebrand every few years, which is why we concentrate on identifying the core essence of a company, and then building everything on top of this foundation.

These are our ingredients to building a brand that endures:

Why are we here?

In the wake of change, the first question leaders need to ask  is "why?" A clear "why" is the compass that equips organizations to navigate challenging business decisions, and it serves as a litmus test for new hires and services.This answer grounds leaders, directs your mission, and is the touchstone for culture and brand.  We help our partners define their why before we align every aspect of business to it. 


Clarity is your competitive advantage.

Whether clients come to us for a series of workshops or for a full company rebrand, they will leave the process with immense clarity around their purpose. The branding process is often  a spiritual awakening for our clients. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with their purpose or realign themselves – and their messaging – to their mission. And for many clients, this isn't just a framework for their marketing efforts. It's a framework for their business strategy, as well as a reminder of why they get out of bed in the morning.

By the end of our branding process, we guarantee that you'll leave with clarity on these three things:

Where are we headed?

Knowing where you are going is critical to determining how best to get there. You wouldn’t embark on a journey without a destination in mind, and your company should also be heading toward a set destination. This may evolve and change as you grow, but a clear objective for tomorrow will guide the decisions you make around every aspect of your business today. 

Where do we fit in?

You cannot be everything to everyone, and that’s one of the biggest challenges our clients face. When you’ve grown and expanded offerings over time, it’s easy to become distracted and for your brand to become diluted. We help define where you fit, so you can focus your energy there.

Let's uncover your "why" together.

Getting there is half the fun.

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