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Creative Services

Create a seamless brand experience across every customer touchpoint.

Continuity is critical as a brand expands, which is why we built a creative studio to support our clients with ongoing creative needs. Our multidisciplinary team of designers, writers, and web developers work directly with you and your sales team to arm them with new case studies, white papers, or other branded tools to reinforce your brand and empower your sales force.

Collateral is the calling card you leave at every opportunity. We build each piece of collateral to reinforce your messaging pillars, ensuring that not only your product's value is articulated, but that your brand's value proposition is clear too.

Product Marketing Collateral

Case studies demonstrate expertise and authority. We delve deep into your outcomes and quantitative metrics to deliver examples that are industry specific and relevant to those with the greatest decision making influence.

Verticalized Case Studies

An arsenal of focused web properties will help to funnel leads and drive traffic to specific offerings, campaigns, or events that warrant their own digital real estate. We craft dynamic experiences to bring them to life, from wireframe to build.

Landing Pages & Microsites

Pitch decks and are often your first shot to make an impression on an account. We make sure those impressions are strong. Starting with content, we help simplify it, then we use design to illustrate complex concepts as well as convey credibility. 

Sales Presentations

Offering value to your audience is a key driver in building a pipeline and ultimately, turning marketing into sales. We develop research-based white papers and eBooks to establish your place as an authority in your market.

White Papers & eBooks

Email is arguably your most effective owned media channel. Our campaigns are educational and rich in content, providing a gentle way to stay in front of prospects during long, sporadic sales cycles, ultimately leading to later sales.

Email Campaigns

When it comes time to present to new and existing investors, we help you articulate your vision, demonstrate the business case for it, showcase your traction, and present it all in a way that builds a compelling case for investor financing.

Investor Presentations

Financial reports are a necessity, but mundane reports are not. As much as a routine requirement, reports are a prime opportunity to reassure investors, show the outcome of their investments, and reinforce the vision they invested in.

Annual & Financial Reports

Video content is no longer optional in a crowded marketplace. From captioned LinkedIn clips to animated explainer videos, we use video content both to amplify your brand on social channels, as well as to break down complex offerings.

Animation & Video Content


Compelling creative, wherever and whenever  it counts.

Strong creative assets remove friction in your pipeline, and they arm your team to confidently sell ideas to investors, board members, and prospects alike. Marrying strategy with design, we excel at the art of simplifying complex ideas, organizing them in a way that is logically intuitive and relatable to the recipient, then using our creative skills to illustrate concepts that words alone cannot fully convey. Unlike many agencies, we read the content you give us, and we'll tell you without hesitation if it needs reworking. We see that as our responsibility, because pretty things that are hard to understand are ultimately useless. Pretty things that get deals closed are impactful. We're here to make the latter.


Right Format

Not everyone wants to read a PDF online, and not everyone visits your company’s social media properties regularly. That’s why your story echoes into the void unless it’s presented in the format your audience prefers, on the channels they turn to. We deliver what your audience needs in the places they’re most likely to be looking for it

Right Story

The best questions elicit the best answers, and these answers form the basis for a logical narrative that will resonate with key stakeholders. We begin at the end, focusing on the desired outcome and interests of yours audience, then asking questions that help us thread that story into written content.

Right Questions

Seasoned strategists aren’t afraid to ask questions. The ones we pose get to the heart of your audience’s biggest concerns, and will tease out the answers that will allay those concerns. We think like your market, based on their stakes and the issue they face, and we ask questions we know they need answered.


Creativity– in context.

Content needs to be convenient to be consumed. It has to be where your stakeholders are, in the format that they prefer, addressing the questions and topics that are top-of-mind for them. For us, this starts with a thorough understanding of who your stakeholders are, what’s on the line for them, what their decision-making process looks like, and proactively anticipating what objections they may have. From there, we create content that preemptively addresses those inquiries. The result is an arsenal of material that keeps your team armed, while also demonstrating to stakeholders that you’re prepared and have thought through their concerns ahead of time.


We piece it all together, so you don't have to.

Aggregate has designed a process that removes friction and increases the speed of content output for our clients. Instead of a lengthy and unproductive back and forth between marketing, sales, and an agency partner, we offer a done-for-you method of content creation. You tell us what you (or Sales) needs, and we'll walk you through our process to get it done quickly and in the format that you need. 

Briefing Call

We jump on call and ask a few questions that give us clarity on the purpose of the piece, the audience, the format, and more.

Reference Samples

We ask for 2-3 samples–yours or something you admire–to give us an idea what you like and why. 

Skeletal Outline

Before we write copy, we’ll build a wireframe or skeletal outline, to give you an idea of the intended visual layout of the piece.

Research & Inputs

We'll "fill in the blanks" with info we need to complete the copy blocks, either through research or using references you provide.


Final copy is developed, informed by all the steps above. After some minor back and forth copy editing, we pass it to Design.


Finally, our design team brings Steps 1-5 to life, visually. Note: most agencies start at Step 6 and leave the rest to you.


STARTS AT $30,000

A full-funnel sales enablement toolkit designed to support your new business team at every stage of the sales process from top-of-funnel introductions, all the way through to due diligence and evaluation. The branded materials in this toolkit ensure that Sales always has the right message ready to present to the buyer, at the right time, shortening your sales cycle and minimizing lost revenue. 

 Includes all planning, writing, and design for: 

  • Company Sales Deck / Overview Booklet

  • Set of (2) Product or Service Sell Sheets

  • Set of (2) High Caliber Case Studies

  • 3-Step Email Drip Campaign


Save time with our readily scoped project offerings:


STARTS AT $18,500

A white paper is a catalyst for credibility-building. This format allows you to explore a problem or trend that your industry is facing and develop original research that positions your brand as an authority and a knowledge source in your space. We do the heavy lifting of identifying topics to explore, then interviewing stakeholders to craft the narrative, supplementing your data with outside research.

 Includes all planning, writing, and design for: 

  • Topic Exploration Workshop

  • Content Outline with Table of Contents

  • Experts interviews & independent research

  • Ghostwriting of entire White Paper

  • Professional design of final PDF document

  • Promotional graphic set for LinkedIn 


STARTS AT $15,000

When you have an ask to make – of a customer, a venture capitalist, or an investor – your pitch deck is critical. The decks we build are bulletproof because they’re created with a nuanced combination of your subject matter expertise and our innate understanding of how effective narratives can change minds. We work with you to build a deck that is concise, follows a logical flow and includes a narrative that invites a connection to will incite buy-in.

 Includes all planning, writing, and design for: 

  • Pitch Planning Workshop

  • Slide outline for content organization

  • Copy-editing of client-provided content

  • Design of final deck (up to 15 slides)

Evangelize your brand and build credibility with content.

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