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Our Model

Aggregate didn't come to be on its own.

After six years of operating as a creative agency, Aggregate was rebuilt from the ground up to address the industry's elephant in the room: persuading board rooms is vastly different from advertising to the consumer– and so should be the agency model to support it.

We're 100% specialized in B2B.

We focus 100% on B2B business because we understand the critical difference between selling to one customer and developing a pipeline for accounts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. We get the difference between selling to a boardroom and selling to a consumer, and navigating these complex buyer journeys is our bread and butter. It’s not just one of the things we do. It’s all we do. That’s why we’re good at it.

We hire ex-consultants and tech writers.

Not every copywriter can sit down with an engineer or CEO and tease out the nuances of their business to write about it effectively. That’s why we hire a specific breed of writers – senior enough to be comfortable in the boardroom, and specifically trained to write for complex industries and translate key ideas to be understandable to a target audience.

You also get a cross-functional team.

Our pod-based structure provides efficiency and clarity. A program manager and creative lead will join your strategist at every touchpoint, ensuring your team avoids the traditional agency game of telephone, where the product they produce is miles from what you asked for. 

We support all of your creative needs.

Developing creative should never be an afterthought, which is why we have an in-house creative agency. You don’t have to manage this process. Briefs, copy, design – we handle it for you.

You work directly with a Strategist.

Rather than assigning intermediary Account Managers to our clients, your point of contact is a peer – someone who’s been in your shoes and has – at minimum – a decade of practical experience. Your Strategist will be your go-to partner who can provide proactive advice, serve as a sounding board, and help carry your workload.

How we're built:

Lean teams, niche audiences, and complex business models demand a different type of creative partner. We built Aggregate to be that partner to our clients.

A new-age model built for new-age companies.

Experience the difference for youself.

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